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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 1, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: the aircraft carrier that rushed to help victims in haiti is shipping out, and will haiti is shipping out, and will sailing for training exercises weeks best holiday. >> my husband explain explained daddy has an important job for us to be safe at home he has to go out and do his job. i'm so sorry. >>megyn: god bless our men and women in uniform. >>shepard: number number -- the news begins anew. , police around the globe are searching for this guy, julian assange, the founder of wikileaks, his lawyers speaking out today and we will discuss the case with our legal panel. in box two, cops in wisconsin releasing chilling 9-1-1 calls from the hour's long stand off at a high school with a student gun man. we will play them for you ahead. and in box three: new information on the case of these three missing boys in michigan. nearly a week after they vanished, police say they are
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not giving up the search. that's ahead unless break news changing everything. but first from fox at 3:00 on a wet and rainy day in new york city, tough days ahead for two million jobless members much extended unemployment benefits begin to expire today. and that means thousands of families across the nation could be faced with the real possibility there will be no christmas this year. right now lawmakers are at loggerheads over whether to further extend benefits. which amount to an average of $300 a week. the big concern here, will the benefits add to the already staggering $13.8 trillion national deficit? and now over to capitol hill. >>reporter: there hasn't been a lot of movement. democrats continue to argue that it is time to do this and republicans are stalling. the question is how to pay for it. it is an extension that could go up into february 11 and to extend the benefits for that period costs $12.5 billion, a
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lot of money to add to the national debt and republicans say, to avert doing that it is necessary to have spending cuts to offset the costs. democrats argue this is an emergency and it is okay to add to the debt under the sicks. there is a possibility the extension of unemployment could be added to the extension of the bush tax cuts but they are negotiating that. it could be a while. >>shepard: enough to find 5 1/2 weeks of war but there is progress on a government shut down. >>reporter: there is and we can show you a live shot of the house of representatives as we speak. and there you see a vote is about to come to a culmination to keep the government open. no government shut down by passing this continuing resolution with the actually vote not done but they have enough votes to do it and the government will not close town at midnight on friday. assuming the senate acts and they are expected to act tonight but more likely tomorrow. that is one thing they had to do in the lame duck session, keep government running, and that out of the way, now they can fight on what other things they will
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do. >>shepard: thank you from capitol hill. good to see you. the joint united states and south korean military drills are over. but according to south korea's spy chief, the threat of another north korean attack is not over. the warning come as week after north korea's attack on a south korean island that killed four and injured a dozen others. the director of south korea's national intelligence service reportedly telling his parliament "there is a high possible that the north will make another attack," adding "complaints are growing of their succession for a third generation, and the economic situation is worsening. our chief fox correspondent >>jonathan: with the news from new york this afternoon, and, jonathan, what do the watchers think the likelihood of an attack is? >>jonathan: they agree with that south korean official that there is a good chance that north korea will make some sort of provocative act once again and they say it is largely
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because of all of the problems with the succession, kim chong-il happening over to kim jong-un, and also because north korea wants attention and wants to try to get everyone back to the six party nuclear disarmament talks and if there is another attack, according to a leading expert, it will be a very, very, dangerous moment, indeed. listen. >> if there is another attack from the north, it will mean that the north korean regime is no longer responding to noncoercive measures and not responding to diplomacy or responding even to sanctions. that is a very bad sign because it means that the only way to stop them or to move them in a sensible direction is military force. if that happens, all bets are off. not only for korea but asia. >>jonathan: he means that we could get all out war in asia. we could have in his words "world war i iism."
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>>shepard: secretary clinton will host talks? >>jonathan: yes inviting her counterparts from japan to south korea for washington on talks on monday trying to bring together a united strategy, a way forward to deal with north korea. buts we have seen all this talking does not seen to produce any great result in terms of north korea toeing the line, and north korea continues going quiet for a little while and coming out again, and carrying out some sort of pro-vehiclive act. >>shepard: it appears that military pressure is off for now with the aircraft carrier leaving the area. >>jonathan: the uss george washington steaming away from the area now, having carried out the joint exercises with south korea. that, according to experts, is a mistake. they believe all this talking with hillary clinton and the foreign ministers of japan and
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south korea will produce absolutely nothing. they believe that the only way to bring north korea into line is to leave that aircraft carrier there and make a very, very strong signal that the u.s. and the rest of the world will not stand for anymore acts of aggression by north korea. >>shepard: thank you from the newsroom in new york and he is -- it is not flooding yet? >>jonathan: it is on the way. >>shepard: our viewers have been dealing with this, a train shut down in new jersey and wind and rain and subways flooding and 6th avenue a flash flood. it's a mess. jonathan will chat about that and the other news at tell us what you think of the news of the day including the news from wall street today. that's, the dow up 2.5 percent on this session alone and the other major indexes up 2 percent, and
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the dow up 250 points, now, as they celebrating a surging euro, surprisingly solid manufacturing reports around the world, and the biggest monthly gain in u.s. private sector jobs in three years. i'm telling you it is starting to feel better. did you hear that? the biggest monthly gain in private sector jobs in this country in three years! it feels like things are improving. an entire section on the home page at whatever weird is happening in the market, look at the numbers on the screen, if they are way up or way down you go straight to fox business and right there they tell you what it is that is making it happen. they do it in plain english not the wall street-speak. that is police in michigan say they are not giving up open the senator for three young boys missing since thanksgiving despite the fact they made a grim prediction yesterday. the search is expected to continue well into next week,
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and officials, and volunteers, have been combing the border for any sign of the boys age five, seven, and nine. yesterday, cops charged the boy's father, this man, john skelton, three counts of kidnapping and they do not expect a "positive" outcome in the case. our senior correspondent with the news. we understand that man was in court today. what happened? reporter being held on $3 million bond after he refused to waive extradition so he stays in ohio and investigators continue to fight to get him out of ohio where he was treated in a mental facility after he tried to hang himself. he entered the courtroom in a wheelchair covered by a blanket possibly because of a fractured ankle and he whispered yes-or-no answers to the questions and he has another court appearance scheduled in two weeks but he has not been cooperative with investigators. >>shepard: police have
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searched for several days. have they found anything that could be useful for the investigation? >>reporter: not according to the local police chief. and he said that those volunteer searchers can take the weekend off. an army of volunteers fanned out this morning across southern michigan and northern ohio working grids in fields, woods, farms, alongside highways and the chief said they found a number of items but stuff that is lying along the roads and they are processing it with no luck. >> i refuse to believe at this point, it is my desire to maintain hope. but as i said yesterday, the information we have is not indicating this will have a positive outcome. >> the chief is asking for help from anyone who may have see this vehicle, skelton's vehicle he was driving on thanksgiving night or friday morning and he left his help during that time and he think the boys were in the van. >>shepard: thank you. elizabeth smart stormed out of
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the court during the trieflt man prosecutors say kidnapped her from her bedroom when she was 1, -- when she was 14, when the psychiatrist say he attacked her because he wanted to have children and wanted to create a "new race." the doctor says he got that from the journals of mitchell's estranged wife and the defense is arguing that he is not guilty because he is insane. elizabeth smart testifies how he and his wife tied her to a tree, and she said he rained her almost every day, often several time as day over nine months. and prosecutors say mitchell knew what he was doing and they say he showed his ability to lie when he kept smart captive and away from police. the founder of wikileaks already has plenty of people after him for releasing the state secrets, but, now, he has an international group of people trying to find him for a very different reason. julian assange, his fight against rape charges, that is
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coming next. and a big day for the actor and convicted tax cheap wesley snipes just found out whether he has to go to prison next week.
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>>shepard: the white house is firing back today over allegations against secretary of state hillary clinton from the wikileaks founder, julian assange. in an interview with time magazine, julian assange was quoted as saying that secretary hillary clinton should "step
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down," if somebody can prove she ordered diplomats to spy at the u.n. but white house press secretary called the statements ridiculous. you will recall some of the recently leaked state department documents included getting irlist scans and d.n.a. and credit card numbers but the officials say the requests came from the intelligence community and did not require u.s. officials to spy. julian assange's lawyer says his client is being percent persecuted by swedish authorities. prosecutors in sweden looking to meet with julian assange after two women there accused him of rape. in past interviews he called the accusations baseless and the lawyer now questions the timing of all of this. of course in order to talk to julian assange police have to find him and he does not have a permanent address and he travels from country to country. and he is a slippery guy. and now, former prosecutor, fox
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news legal analyst, birthday boy, today, and criminal defense attorney who somebody will have a birthday but it is not today. we focus on julian assange, julian assange, and julian assange, and we learn about war and how it is prosecuted and we learn about our friends but we want to only talk about the expleek they want to pick him up for rape. your thoughts? >>guest: how can you argue against that? america's most wanted they figure out the ten most people they want to grab. >>shepard: the ten most people? >>guest: the ten most heinous people and here, i use the term live by technology, you live by notoriety, you will die by it. this is a case that could have slipped through the cracks but he will say, here i am, the guy. will anyone argue that if he did commit a rape he should not be prosecuted? >>shepard: randy?
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>>guest: why are we talking about rape? does anyone care? >> the women. the women care. >>guest: this is not a rape case. this is not about a rape case. we would not tack about this if he did not wikileaks this. >> or any celebrity case if they were not a celebrity. we are showing once again our inept tuesday and how embarrassing our system is. why not be honest and say, well want this guy because he made us look bad. someone smarter than me said what have we learned? we are screwing up in afghanistan, we ain't winning the war, there is a lot wrong that this country does not know about. you are throwing america under the bus. >>shepard: no, well --. >>guest: come on. >>guest: i read what the prosecutor in sweden say says, they have been looking for him over a month. are they doing anything?
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>> if you want to escalate things and be the guy every celebrity being chased, if they were not a celebrity we would not cover them. he is a sleb -- celebrity and that is why he is being investigate. >>guest: investigative journalism was born with the declaration of independence. when jefferson let the world know what britain is doing. the press is the watch dog for us so we know what is going on. what he has done is gone to the internet and exposed the insanity of what we don't know about. why don't we start with the people who are saying the crazy things, never thinking they will see the light of day? >>shepard: they were not supposed to but someone allowed them to be stolen. they were put in a position to be stolen. >>guest: but all julian assange did was take them off internet. we are talking about a law going
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back to 11917. >>shepard: it is a 1918 law. >>guest: you have never presented a criminal where the prosecutors did not use something special to get the criminal. how about alcapone. in 2020 we had to walk away from the case. >>shepard: isn't the bottom line they want this guy. and they are pushing sweden to follow-through on a case that they have now. they are worried now that he has a hard drive from the bank of america. i don't know he has it but in twine he said he had it, about hundreds of thousands of pages.
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it is one thing to bring down the state department, and another thing to bring down the bank of america. he says it will put them out. >> as an american, who loves my lifestyle here, they should do everything they can to come down on this guy and stop that. >>shepard: you are not mad at some level that people realize that president karzai is seen by many as just motivated by paranoia and that there is $52 million in a suitcase that his brother had, and that he let his brother, the heroin dealer off, and he pardoned a bunch of criminals and he is not a good partner and we are expected to turn over security of this nation to that guy and his people and that was worth $2.5 billion a week and our young men and women's lives? i think it is good that people know that and i think you agree. your response? >>guest: it is good that people who make these decisions should know this but i have no involvement in what we turn over, what we don't turn over.
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it is awesome that secretary hillary clinton and the president of the united states and all of the --. >>shepard: former chief of the army said if people realized what was going on with the gulf war when it began with the iraq war in 2003 we were diverting resources from to war that the nation could not sustain it and he said if the people had known about it, this war might not have gotten to this place, and, maybe, now, on some level it is good that we know. our partner in this war, karzai, is not an actor with whom we ought to be dealing. he is all we got. >>guest: i would like to think that president bush and those around him knew that and they made the risk, and these are the people we elected and they are the ones. >>shepard: put your head in the stand and the people don't know anything? >>guest: not compromise is our security --. >>guest: but what has been compromised? >>shepard: all this stuff was already out there and nothing was top secret, more than two
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million americans have access to this database. it is, if that is top secret, all right, it's top secret. i happened to read a little bit on this. happy birthday, arthur. happy arthur's birthday, randy. don't go anywhere. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is norma. who's inundated with all the information coming at her
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>>shepard: we obtained the audio from the 9-1-1 calls related to this week's hostage stand off at a high school in wisconsin night before last when a 15-year-old boy held 23 students and a teacher at gunpoint. the suspect shot himself in the end when police responded and died the next morning. but here is the call to 9-1-1 when it began. apologize for the sound
3:24 pm
qualities. >> we have a student holding an entire class hostage. >> who? >> a student holding an entire class. >> any weapons? >> yes. >> what? >> a pistol. >> very calm. that was impressive. the students return to the marinette high school and the school administration says dpref counselors are available for anyone who wants to talk. cops in western mexico report they have busted the leader of a so-called gang which is said to be the main trafficker of methamphetamine to the united states, and the suspect went peacefully but further to the north along the period it is not usually the case, especially in ciudad juarez which has been called the most dangerous city on earth. and it has to do with drugs. listen to the stats, since january, there have been 2,885 murders reports in ciudad juarez. that works out to an average of 262 deaths a month.
3:25 pm
or nine murders a day. by comparison there were more murders there in two months than there were in all of new york city in all of last year. keep in mind the population of new york is roughly ten times the size of ciudad juarez. and the reason law enforcement here in the united states say they are so concerned is because ciudad juarez sits across the rio grande valley from el paso, texas, and we warn you, some of what you are about to see is graphic. steve? >>reporter: yes, right now we are 10 minutes from the u.s. border and this house behind me is changed everything, it changed the way mexicans look at cartels and the way their government is fighting the cartels. some of this we are to show you is graphic. what happened here in this house was a massacre. it was a birthday party for a 15-year-old boy, three trucks full of gunmen, came in, firing automatic weapons, and basically
3:26 pm
massacred a 15-year-old's birthday party. 16 people killed, the youngest a girl just age 13, and this changed things, now, the government could no longer chairman after the massacre that the killings here are just cartels killing each other. they are targeting civilians, as well. also, after more incidents like this, it became clear that these are not just mistakes or random killings. this is a deliberate policy of the cartels to inflict terror on the population sending a clear message that your government cannot protect you and we are seeing the results altogether around ciudad juarez, 5,000 houses in six months are not foreclosed, or empty but other than the terror, people are packing up and leaving, fleeing, and when you have 15-year-old birthday parties being massacred by gunmen you can understand why people want to get out of town. back to you. >>shepard: makes sense to me. live from ciudad juarez today. time is rung out for the administration to get through the "to do," list before
3:27 pm
temperatures lose the majority in the house of representatives including tax cuts or tax remains. or how to control the deficit. but the white house says it will get it done. it is wednesday so juan will break it down. when's with juan williams next. [ female announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up
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to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan that has the lowest national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month. so you can focus on the things that really matter. go to for details. that really matter. naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ >>shepard: and 3:30 on the east coast and time for the top of the news. the president and lawmakers have a lot to do before the end of the congress.
3:30 pm
at the top of the list are bush tax cuts which will expire in a few weeks so everyone's taxes will go up at every level of income. republicans and democrats have different ideas would should get future tax cuts and making an already complicated situation more so, the president's debt commission is calling for ennorms cuts in everything from social security to the military budget. in the final report the group warns that without sacrifices, the reckoning will be sure and the devastation severe. wednesday, so we will break it down with juan williams. who is here on the set with us in new york. the consequences "severe." i know that everyone understands the rhetoric and i know they use it like in an ol' miss and lsu way, but it is bigger than that,
3:31 pm
like the future of the nation is at stake and you talk about cutting social security or making cuts in the military and people say "no," but we are stuck. >> you have to understand that the chairman of the joint chiefs said the other day, this is a bigger threat to american than anything else, this will not only undermine the military but opens us up, and makes us more vulnerable and undermines our economic ability, economic strength, and, therefore, could lead us into a state where ... it would crumble everything that we know so when you hear that language, that's real, not just rhetoric. >>shepard: what can the lame duck session get accomplished, i regular the impeachment during a lame duck session but is there anything on a come together basis that can be done here, because when they talk about compromise, one side has one idea of compromise, and another has another idea.
3:32 pm
>>reporter: what you saw in the midterm election is that the voters who went strongly to republicans and led the tidal wave were independents who said they want government to do something and they want it to do things that are important. republican are saying first of all, let's pass the tax cuts, the american people think that is important. let's do something about making sure the government continues to function. that's important. put everything else aside for the moment. but, they also know that those same voters want something done, those people did not vote for gridlock or in action, they want serious issues tackled and the democrats realize they have a short timeframe before there are more republicans and it is more difficult to get anything on the d agenda through so both sides have a reason to get something done in a tight timeframe. the question is, what can they agree on? i am stunned to see the wall
3:33 pm
street journal has said they think the dream act is good for republicans. it is a first step in terms of wooing hispanic voters. >>shepard: that allows a path to education and citizenship serving in the military. >>reporter: for young people would came here before 18 and are in american serves and serving in the military, a way to become american citizens. >>shepard: anyone who thinks we are going to kick every person illegal out of the country, it will not happen. >>reporter: we live with smem -- here. how are you going to get 12 million people out? >>shepard: the taxes will go up on every dollar earned for those who pay taxes. and what the republicans want is for them to remain the same. the democrats are saying they want everybody to remain at 35 percent, at the high end up to
3:34 pm
$250,000 or $200,000 and everything above that be taxed and now there is an idea of moving that to $1 million but i don't get the indication that republicans are willing to compromise on figure that would be seen as giving president obama any sort of victory. they don't want to say it that way but is that the reality? >>reporter: in part. coming back to hardball politics they realize they have the advantage of the moment, so they realize, they have controlled the narrative and that is right now that president obama, the democrats, would block a tax cut for the american people at a time when the economy needs more energy, needs the dollars, so, rather than it being a discussed lining the pockets of the rich it is a discussion about refusing to extend the tax cuts to everyone and the republicans have toment natured that argument and they are winning with the membership. if the president and the democrats are able to cast this in different terms, and say this is about, we are all forgiving tax cuts and continuing the tax
3:35 pm
cuts for people under $250,000 but we are talking what happens to the rich and what the republicans say, the very itch hire you and me and they are the ones who are the engine of small business in america. well, if you talk to the economists they say we are not quite sure plus it will add to the deficit. that is the argument. so you will see procedure votes one that says only people less than $250,000 and one that says everybody, and maybe you start to see the compromise. what the republicans are not going to play ball on the $1 million compromise pause there is no reason to. there is reason to talk about it, but in the end there is no reason to vote in that way and if you look on the political sites you will see. the argument the democrats make is this: if you make $10 million a year, and the tax cuts remain, that is $400,000 extra a year, does that $400,000 make you hire another employee or hire another business? no, you take that into the pile of money invested and saved that
3:36 pm
is what the democrats are arguing and, some of that argument seems to be getting a little bit of traction. >>reporter: because the economists agree but if you go to the american people, you know what they say? extend the tax cuts. >>shepard: and don't change social security, and don't change medicare, and don't cut defense spending, and we will run out of money. our real unfunded liabilities and doubt amount to 91 percent. 91 percent. >>reporter: it is unsustainable. that is not what you hear, the economists, and state department, and the military but if this season of light and hope maybe the american people think there is a santa claus. >>shepard: there is good stuff today, 55 years ago today we have a black president in the white house and 50 years ago rosa park made her stand in alabama. >>reporter: i talked to her
3:37 pm
about a book i wrote and she said bring up names, people like -- the people on the ground, a white couple, with her husband, who made it possible for her when she was arrested and taken to jail and the cops would not talk to the black people so they got her to come down and get her out and they said let's get the ministers here, and they had a hard time getting a 25 or 26 years old in town, martin luther king, to get on board, and it was only that weekend when he showed up and they said, you know, this is real, that he realized he was on the way to become a nobel peace prize winner and the leading civil rights leaders of his generation >>shepard: "eyes on the prize," what an enduring contribution to american history. thank you. well, well, the united states army has defeated foreign enemies around this globe and there is no doubt but now it is
3:38 pm
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>>shepard: the army is going on a diet part of the first major change to the army's basic fitness training if three decades. in mess halls, milk and juice disspencers replace soda and whole grains replace white bread and pasta. in the gym the drills will be new, and this year a top panel of retired officers released a reports that concluded that nine million young adults are "too fat" to serve in the military. our national correspondent has the news at the pentagon. what prompted this new rule, sets of rules in bake training? >>guest: the advances in athletic training and the army
3:42 pm
wants to catch up with that and join the modern age inerms of training and fitness, and the other thing, in the general society, people do not have great eating habits, great nutritional habits or great physical fitness with an epidemic of obesity, so what one general in charge of this says, this is not an army product, but a civilian problem we are taking the recruits coming from the civilian community and trying to fix a problem with health, fitness and diet, and here is the pentagon spokesman on that. >> the ills of society with regard to nutrition and cardiovascular fitness and obesity, we are not immune from. we are getting recruits from society. and we need to deal with them accordingly. >> it is being called the soldier athlete initiative and it is already underway in the army. >>shepard: i have a friend in bake training and he says it has gone well. how effective is it? >>guest: too early to tell
3:43 pm
because they are phasing it in. the menu changes will be in effect army-wide in february, so you have a better healthier choice of foods there. and, otherwise, it will be a slow transitional process at the main training base, at fort sill and after five months on the diet an officer saw better physical performance and mental ness so it is working. >>shepard: and maybe quantity, quantity of food, great to see you, see. heck of a day on wall street. the dow is soaring on words that employment could be on the verge of getting better and the biggest increase in civilian employment in three years. and the euro is surging. the dow is falling making prizes level out and the dow is loving it at the session high almost
3:44 pm
2.5 percent up. you made money taid. on paper. tornadoes ripping through the south and in some areas this is what was left behind: dozens of homed ripped apart. and it is headed up the east coast with downed trees in new york and in brooklyn, trains are down, in the state of new jersey it is a mess on the east coast. we have the pictures. that is next. [ female announcer ] it's the ultimate surf and turf event,
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. i'm hugh jidette and i'm running for president. i'll say a lot of things but do i really care about this baby's future? when he's 30 years old our $13 trilli debt will be $70 trillion eventually his taxes will double just to pay the interest. i'm hugh jidette and i say let's keep borrowing and stick our kids with the tab.
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[ but aleve can last 12 hours. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. >>shepard: the national weather service is confirming a tornado touched down near suburban atlanta and damaged 50 homes. weather service indicates that it was packing winds up to 130 miles per hour when it hit a town in georgia on the coast. a man guided -- died when the tree hit his car. it is moving through the most and heavy rain, snow, in some
3:48 pm
parts, quite a downpour in new york city with the wind still blowing. we have 20 and 30 miles per hour gusts, that is 6th avenue from midtown at the top of the screen you can see rockefeller plaza and central park would be at the top and it is disprid lock. flash flooding. brooklyn, a lot of downed trees with power lines taking out new jersey transit. the state of new jersey will be a miserable commute home. more leaders gathering in mexico to talk about climate change and japanese are concerned calling it outdated. trace has the news from cancun, mexico. anything going to come out of the conference? >>reporter: no major deals because, who will bear the burden? poor countries want the industrialized nations, the u.s. and china and india, to give them billions and billions to help them fight climate change and they want them to cut back
3:49 pm
on greenhouse gas and this is called a massive transfer of wealth, and all around cancun, there are agendas being pushed. watch. this is a massive warehouse that set up to handle what goes on behind the scenes at the conference. 15,000 people are involved in this from 194 countries but you will not find the foreign secretaries or diplomats here. you will find hundreds and hundreds of booths filled with lobbyists and activist each with a different perspective and a different position. like the international humane society, which claims that agricultural animals create massive amounts of greenhouse gases and they are saying not to eat dairy, meat or eggs which happen to be across the way from the lunch counter which serves, dairy, meat and eggs. most of these i get like the global water partnership advocating clean water, the european space agency, monitoring climate change from
3:50 pm
space, but there is some i don't get. what are the girl scouts have to do with climate change? >> being around in then environment makes you apresident bush out how important the climb has. >> you look around and the only group that doesn't have a stake in the game is the mexican tour e bureau. they want you to come back to cancun. and if by the time the 15,000 would leave cancun, there is no deal set, they hope at least there is a framework for a deal to be struck down the road, maybe south africa next year or south korea the year after. >> thank you, it must be windy there. >>reporter: it is. is that a comment on my hair? >>trace: no comprendo. >> tell grandmother to pull the plastic slipcovers off the couch she could get some extra cash. stay tuned.
3:51 pm
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>>shepard: wesley snipes will have to wait in federal prison while he appeals his conviction to report in prison in pennsylvania next week. prosecutors won a conviction against snipes in 2008 because he failed to pay taxes and he was fighting the decision since then and the lawyers tried to keep him out on bail while they appeal the case to the u.s. supreme court. he will serve a three-year prison term. and fox is on the road to
3:55 pm
recovery and today we are look at the business of furniture recycling. it works like this: used items are donated to a resale shop and they sell it and give you most of the profit and the rest to charity. and owners of a few shops in texas say sales are way up. and now live to houston. chris? >>guest: at this store you find everything from $100 couch to a $6 wicker stool. people are looking to save money and make money. watch this. there is a sense of adventure coming here. >> consignment stores across the country are busier than ever. >> with the economy we have seen things come in that we have not seen before and more and more and more people and more items, and it has been great. >> the sagging economy helped boost sales at the shop in houston. >> there is a greater selection now because the economy is bad. >> furniture sales are up 20 percent over the last two years.
3:56 pm
>> we find that people want a good deal in terms of what they are buying but they also, people are trying to get rid of things they do not need to make extra money on that side. >> you did some damage today. >> i did. >> bargain shoppers look for hidden treasures. >> i have a depression era china cabinet. >> robert bought a trailer's worth of furniture for less than $1,200 and he wanted to buy more. >> i saw two pieces and they have already been sold. >> resale shops are considered the few recession proof segments of retailing. >> that is a report from houston, texas. and this is play back from a moment ago at the white house, powell and president obama talking bush tax cuts and a compromise. listen. >> great emphasis on kids staying on school but a lot more work to do requiring all of us,
3:57 pm
philipines, teachers, the administrator, public and private to continue on this improvement. thank you for the work you are doing there. most of the discussion we had was around national security issues and we talked about some of the challenges, the landscape from north korea to iran, to afghanistan, and we spent, in particular, a lot of time talking about the start treaty and general powell has been involved with just about every treaty that has been since there were armed control treaties. i hate to date him but ... from the reagan administration on he has helped to bring through a variety of the arms control treaties. the reason is, because he understands as so many others understand, that a word before
3:58 pm
world without blinding russia and u.s. arms control treaties is a more dangerous world. and we discussed why start so so important. in the absence of start, without the new start treaty being ratified by the senate, we do not have a verification mechanism to ensure we know what the russians are doing and they don't know what we are doing. when you have uncertainty in the area of nuclear weapons, that's a much more dangerous world to live in. we also discussed the fact that russia has cooperated with us on critical issues to our national security like iran, transit, to supply our troops in afghanistan, working on securing loose nuclear materials, and the relationships and trust that are build from the new start treaty spill over into a host of other national security issues that
3:59 pm
are of vital importance to america. so, colin is one of a number of former national security advisers, secretaries of defense, secretaries of state from both democratic and republican administrations, that have emphasized how important it is to get this done. and we discussed the fact that the senate appropriately has a role in advice and consent and it ultimately needs to ratify this treaty. that is why we made sure that we have had 18 separate hearings. we have answered over 1,000 questions. we have offered to brief every senator, republican and democrat, around the issues. but, now, it's time to get this done. >>shepard: the president is trying to push the congress especially the senate to get it done. this is an 11 minute tape and powell backed the president on the start treaty ande


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